FOLD low chair

Designed in 2013

The design of the FOLD Low Chair is the result of an extensive research process. We wanted to investigate if it was possible to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chair-seat out of flat wooden boards (ply- or solid wood). After the initial form of the seat was designed our research focused mainly on two items.

First we needed to find a way to guarantee the overall strength of the backrest. This was eventually tackled by adding steel cables into the sides of the seat. The second main item became the design of the frame and armrests. We knew from the start that the design of the frame should emphasize and strengthen the shape and look of the seat, but not be so pronounced as to overwhelm the design.

The seat has the look as if it’s folded out of wood (hence the name). Using the same principle, but applying it to steel strip, enabled us to create the right frame to accompany the design of the seat.