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Get a free Gewei Add-on with every Mini-spot, Atmosphere and Spot-nik

In 2 weeks it will be Christmas and that means… time for our Christmas Special: the Gewei (“antlers” in Dutch) Add-on! Last year we made these especially for Christmas and it turned out to be a great success. That’s why we decided to offer them again this year. Until the end of Christmas, you get a free Gewei Add-on with every Mini-spot, Atmosphere, and Spot-nik you buy in our webshop. Make your home extra atmospheric during the cold, dark days!

Create your own Gewei-spot

With this simple but fun add-on, you can create a special Christmas lamp in no time at all. Simply slide the antlers onto two ribs of a Mini-spot, Atmosphere or Spot-nik lamp and tadaaa: a Gewei-spot! How cool is that?! And if you want to go all the way, use a red light bulb (not included) to create a unique Rudolph lamp. And have no fear, you can always change a Gewei-spot back to the original lamp. Tip: Gewei-spot also makes a very nice Christmas gift!

Van Tjalle en Jasper Gewei-spot Gewei Add-on

Available until December 26, 23:59h

Do you want to own a Gewei-spot? Just buy a Mini-spot, Atmosphere or Spot-nik before the 27th of December 2019, and we will send you a Gewei Add-on for each lamp. For free*! You don’t have to do anything else. Just keep in mind that we send the Gewei Add-ons separately, which means that the Add-on could arrive a little earlier or later than the lamp itself.

*This offer only applies to orders placed through our webshop with a destination in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. The add-on is only available in the colour Natural.

Merry Christmas everyone!