Nikolamp Tesla XL pendant lamp

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Nikolamp Tesla XL pendant lamp: Cool, industrial, retro, and at the same time very modern. Niko opens up, ready to give a hug. He beckons you to come and shelter under his wings. Oh, what the heck. Don’t hesitate, come on in!

But we understand that not everyone has the same taste, which is why we also offer a variety. Our other pendant lamps like Granny Smith, PM5, and Atmosphere. Whether you prefer a classic look or are searching for something contemporary, we have something for everyone.

If this XL version is still a bit too large for you, check out the original: Nikolamp Tesla pendant lamp.

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A tribute to Nikola

Nikolamp Tesla XL pendant lamp is our tribute to Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest engineers and inventors ever. This remarkable lamp combines art and science to create an enchanting lighting experience.

With its extraordinary construction, crafted from laser-cut MDF, the Nikolamp Tesla XL pendant lamp is a masterpiece. The lamp is not just a source of light but a work of art in itself.

You have the choice between the natural, untreated version, which showcases the raw beauty of the material, or one of the vibrant colored variants that add personality to your interior.

Features of the Nikolamp Tesla XL pendant lamp

The size is 1,5 times the size of the original
Gives off an atmospheric play of light and shadow
Available in 5 colors: Naturel, Soft Grey, Dirty Mint, Aged Pink, Black

Do it yourself

Nikolamp Tesla XL comes as a kit for you to assemble  yourself. But don't worry: everything you need is in the box, including a clear manual. Thus, assembling this lamp will only take a few minutes!

What's in the box...

  • Parts of the lampshade
  • Ceiling cap
  • Cord with socket
  • Manual
  • IMPORTANT: No light source included: Use LED!

Product Specifications


  • Weight: 4.0 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 105 x 35 cm
  • Material: 3mm MDF; untreated / full black / treated with a colored oil based on linseed
  • Cord length: 1.5m
  • Lamp holder: E27


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 78cm x 33cm x 4,2 cm
  • Material: Cardboard

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