Products that you order through our website will be shipped to the address you specified. In many cases we ship for free, but in some cases we ask for a small contribution towards the shipping costs. Below is an overview of the shipping costs per country/region and the order amount up to which we charge this.

Orders under €30.00: €5.00
Orders of € 30.00 or more: Free
Orders under € 50.00: € 5.00
Orders of € 50.00 or more: Free
Orders under € 100.00: € 10.00
Orders of € 100.00 or more: Free

1 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
2 Including Monaco and Corsica; excluding Andorra and other overseas territories
3 Exclusive San Marino and Vatican City
4 Excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Orders under €150.00: €15.00
Orders of € 150.00 or more: Free

5 Including The Azores and Madeira
6 Including The Balearic Islands, excluding Canary Islands

Orders under €200.00: €20.00
Orders of € 200.00 or more: Free
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