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Replacement parts

Welcome to our “replacement parts shop”. Through this page you can order replacement parts for our laser-cut lampshades. Mak your select via the filter options. First select for which lamp you need replacement parts, and then select the right color. Add the needed part to the shopping cart and pay via the check-out.

The parts will be sent to you by post in an envelope or in a cardboard wrapper.

They are made as square or rectangular shaped pieces of MDF with the parts laser-cut but still attached inside the MDF piece. You can push the part out and then it is ready to be used.
In a number of cases there are two parts on one MDF piece. Even if you only need one part, you still order the piece with two parts.

MDF is a natural product made up of wood fibres. As a result, it is possible that your replaced part differs slightly in color from the rest of your lamp. Unfortunately this cannot be helped

Ribs for Mini-Spot

Rings for Spot-nik

Ribs for Nikolamp Tesla

Ring for Granny Smith

MDF Lampholder ring for: Spot-nik, Nikolamp Tesla and Granny Smith

Ring for Mini-spot

Ribs for Mini-Spot – Aged Pink

Ribs for Spot-nik – Aged Pink

Rings for Spot-nik – Aged Pink

Ribs for Granny Smith – Aged Pink

Ribs for PM5 – Black

Rings for PM5 – Black