Hello, nice to meet you!

We are Van Tjalle and Jasper: an independent design label from the Netherlands. Our workshop is now located in Haarlemmermeer, to be precise. From there, we design and create smart interior products. Why? Because there’s nothing we love more than designing. And because with our products, we aim to make people’s homes and lives a bit more enjoyable!

Naked Design

We challenge ourselves to design products that are as simple and effective as possible. To achieve this, we try to truly get to the core of a problem. The result of our “Naked Design” approach is products that are manufactured with less material and fewer production techniques, but without sacrificing quality, functionality, and personality. We seek clever solutions, and the joy we find in this is the driving force behind our creative process.

Takeover – A Fresh Start

After months of preparation and enthusiastic discussions, Van Tjalle and Jasper was acquired by a new and creative team with the same vision for the future last summer. While changes have taken place, our mission remains unchanged. We, too, aim to create stylish and affordable lighting that enriches your home and has a positive impact on your living space. Our dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and design stands firm, and we will continue to work towards offering the best possible products to our valued customers.

Towards the Future

To continue the vision of Van Tjalle and Jasper, we have ambitious plans for the brand. Currently, our range already includes several beautiful lamps, but we plan to expand even further. With our new team, we will work diligently to broaden our product range and increase our sales channels. In this way, we want to bring happiness to as many people as possible with a design product from Van Tjalle and Jasper.

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