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Stylish lamps

At Van Tjalle and Jasper, we believe in the power of simplicity in our lamps. Using less material and fewer production techniques, we challenge ourselves to create stylish lamps that strike the perfect balance between design and function. Why? Because this approach results in sleek and pure designs without losing sight of functionality and personality.

Our stylish lamps are crafted with care and attention to detail, evident in every aspect of our work. We aim to provide lighting that not only plays an essential role in illuminating your space but also makes a statement. With our wide range of pendant lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps, there is something for everyone.

Our designer lamps are more than just light sources; they are works of art that add character to your interior.

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The stylish lamps are designed to be as simple and effective as possible. To achieve this, we always strive to get to the heart of the matter.
Spot-nik floor lamp - Black
Granny Smith pendant lamp - Aged Pink
Nikolamp Tesla pendant lamp - Dirty Mint
Van Tjalle en Jasper Mini-spot tafellamp Naturel
Mini-spot table lamp - Natural
Atmosphere table lamp - Soft Grey

Discover our lamps

Discover our collection of sustainable and stylish lamps, designed to add a substantial amount of character and light to your interior.

Stylish lamps

Our carefully curated product suggestions serve as a source of inspiration for you and your surroundings. Explore our stylish designer lamps, but most importantly, let your creativity run free!
Granny Smith XL pendant lamp - Black
PM5 pendant lamp - Blue / Pink
Mini-spot table lamp - Black
Spot-nik floor lamp - Dirty Mint
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